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Male Blepharoplasty


Like everyone, men are subject to the whims of genetics and time. Strong family traits are an example of genetics and factors such as age, health, and sun exposure are contributing factors over time. Sagging and puffy eyelids cause men to appear old, tired, and often sad. These changes alter people’s perceptions of what someone is really like.

Appearance adds another dimension in life and it is desirable to portray ourselves as more youthful, happy, engaged, and intelligent. Unfair as it may be, studies have shown that attractive people are more successful in careers and social situations. This can be particularly true in the competitive work place. It has become increasingly common for men to seek cosmetic eyelid procedures because of this.

While Dr. Stout makes all of his patients look natural, it is especially important in men. Masculine eyes need to blend smoothly with the other masculine features on the face. Remember, you want to accomplish your goals of looking more refreshed, but people should not know why you look so much better.


Dr. Stout’s goal during the consultation is to provide the patient with information and teach them as much as possible. He begins by listening and will ask the patient what they would like to discuss and what their goals are. The patient’s input is very important. This allows Dr. Stout to work together with the patient through the decision-making process and establish a plan based upon their goals. He believes that knowledge is empowering as it enables his patients to make decisions with confidence and makes them a better partner in the entire process.

Dr. Stout is happy to have the patient bring a family member or friend to the consultation to ask questions and listen. He encourages patients to bring up any concerns that they may have. His consultations are designed to understand each patient’s situation, teach them and give them honest advice so they leave with useful knowledge with which to consider their options.

If you are considering this procedure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stout.

Before Male Blepharoplasty Procedure
After Male Blepharoplasty Procedure



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