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Los Angeles CA Wrinkle surgery testimonial
eye surgeon testimonial Los Angeles California
Patient gratitude card Dr. Warren Stout
New eyes testimonial after surgery
facial rejuvenation testimonial Pasadena, CA


The best of the best. Top to bottom the experience is great. For eye lid surgery he is second to none. He is the DR, other top doctors in their respective fields go to for their eye surgery.

Robert M., Patient

Four years ago I went to another plastic surgeon for some fillers under my eyes, and Botox. I had worked in the medical community, and had known this doctor during his residency. He had a great bedside manner, but I had never seen any of his results. My mistake. I left his office that day completely bruised, blood pockets under my eyes, looking like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Remember, this wasn’t surgery.

Fast forward two years later, the filler had only made my bags look worse, and friends were always asking me if I was tired, even though I had probably slept 8 hours the night before.
Dr. Stout had been recommended to me by several friends, and other doctors. Naturally I was VERY hesitant about even revisiting any sort of corrective procedure, I figured it was my fault for wanting to play with Mother Nature. Dr. Stout is simply an artist, and is so committed to his patients. I made the decision to have the surgery done, which was very minor, but I was still very scared. The procedure lasted less than an hour, and the results were almost immediate. I couldn’t believe it….There was very minimal bruising because the area under the eyes is very, very thin.
Feeling confident enough after the procedure, I asked if he would do Botox and other fillers. What a difference between Dr. Stout and the quack I had before! Dr. Stout always takes his time, takes pictures.
His office staff is just the best, and I honestly consider them extended family. Jeanine, Chantal always take the time to make you feel comfortable, and answer all your questions. Nurse Lauren is also an absolute rock star.

I’m a bit baffled by several reviews. Going back six years after the procedure expecting it to be free, is like wanting to return a car to the dealer years later.
As for bruising, as I said, the eyes are the most sensitive area on the body, thinnest skin, so depending on what you are having done, you will have bruising, no matter what doctor you go to.
I researched having the corrective procedure for almost two years, and did meticulous research. I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Stout.

Jennifer H., Patient

If I had to describe, in a word, Dr. Stout, his office staff, and his surgical staff, it would be: fantastic!

First things first, Dr. Stout doesn’t need a Yelp review. His reputation and credentials are off the chart but there’s this silly notion that plastic surgeons have to be in Beverly Hills to be good. WRONG.

I started noticing my under-eye bags about 5 years ago. They always bothered me but, in the last year or so, they were really bothering me. I didn’t like photos of myself because my bags were getting so prominent. At first, I was referred to some fancy schmancy doctor in Beverly Hills who I wasn’t impressed with AT ALL. Thanks to a friend who knew the situation, they asked their dermatologist for a referral and that’s how I was lucky enough to hear about Dr. Stout. The minute I went to see him, I knew he was top-notch. His office staff was friendly and professional and his waiting room was free of chaos. I had seen his before and afters online but I got to see more while I waited and was super impressed with all I saw.

My initial consultation was awesome. Dr. Stout is humble and approachable and instantly put me at ease. The good doctor took his time and addressed all my concerns and answered all my questions. (I had never had plastic surgery so I had plenty!) I wasn’t interested in looking like the 25-year old version of myself and he completely understood this.

The day of my surgery, I got to speak to the surgical nurse, Dr. Stout, and his amazing anesthesiologist who, again, all took their time with me. They answered my concerns and calmed my nerves. I’ve been to doctors who are in a big hurry and Dr. Stout’s office is the complete opposite. It meant a lot to me that they understood and made me feel extremely confident. To me, a talented doctor with great bedside manners is a huge win-win and that’s exactly who Dr. Stout is.

For anyone who says they didn’t get the results they wanted, I have to wonder if they followed directions. Dr. Stout’s assistant gave me super detailed instructions for the week leading up to surgery as well as day-of and after care and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My results are totally natural-looking and I had zero scarring. Also, important to know, on the pain scale, I’ve had hangnails that hurt worse.

I just had my surgery 6 weeks ago and I LOVE the results. I got carded for the first time in 10 years and I’m pushing 50. If you’re serious about changing the hand Mother Nature gave you, I can’t recommend Dr. Stout highly enough!

Liz C., Patient

As a physician, I know of the unseen pitfalls inherent in any procedure, no matter how safe or simple, and your high rate of success clearly lies in your attention to every aspect of the individual patient. I have recommended you to all my friends and associates who have asked me who had operated on me; they rightfully figured that if I could have an excellent outcome, my surgeon must be one of the best. And you are.

L. Scott Herman, MD, FACC, FCCP

I feel so blessed to be Mrs. California International, and that is because of the wonderful people like you I have met. I am so excited that you are such a big part of my preparation in getting ready for Mrs. California International.

Sheryl Ellison, Mrs. California International

This is a note to tell you how pleased I am with the results of my blepharoplasty. Twice in one week I was told I had ?beautiful eyes? ! Wow! I lapped up the compliment! Thank you & those who assist you, for doing what you do and for doing it so well.

Pam H., Patient

I first met Dr Stout at the surgery center where I work, several years ago. I never thought I would be bothered by my eyes but I developed fat prolapse under both my eyes , one worse than the other and the next thing I knew, I was seeing bags and it definitely aged my face. I had several colleagues tell me to consult with Dr Stout, that he was the man you could trust with such a delicate part of the anatomy. Furthermore, I wanted an oculoplastic surgeon that used the laser and not a lot of eye surgeons do. Dr. Stout has perfected his cosmetic laser eyelid procedures as he has been doing them for many years. He has a well established practice and has very high standards when it comes to his surgeries and patient care. His staff are very professional and courteous. Basically, from the time I had the consultation to the last post op visit, it was the most pleasant experience I could have hoped for. Dr. Stout knows eyes and is an extremely competent and talented surgeon. He and his staff are accessible to answer any and all questions if needed. The entire process went so smoothly and with minimal discomfort. I ended up having both my lower and upper lids done and honestly the results have been so amazing. Dr. Stout is also a gentleman and a very nice individual, easy to talk to. I highly recommend this talented, experienced surgeon to anyone looking for eyelid rejuvenation! I feel very fortunate that Dr Stout performed my surgery. Best wishes to Dr. Stout and staff!

Christina J., Registered Nurse

I had done much research for my mom who was looking to have her under eye bags and upper lids done for years and was so glad that we went to Dr. Stout.

Not only is he a perfectionist at what he does, but he truly cares about his patients and it shows. We scheduled an initial consultation within a week of calling and was able to secure an appointment. His office is filled with surgical and university accolades which gave us assurance that we had picked the right surgeon.

The whole process from consultation to day-of surgery for my mom was as smooth as they come. He made my mom feel comfortable and at ease that she had made the right decision. The surgery took a couple of hours and she was out the same day. She was given instructions for day-of care at home which we followed for her religiously.

The process like any surgery takes time and patience in order to see results and we are beyond happy with my mom’s results. She feels more confident now than ever before and it literally took years off of her face. When I ask her if she would do it again, she says in a heart beat. Thank you sooo much Dr. Stout and his amazing team for the excellent care and work you did on my mom!

Jacklyn C.

This review is way overdue. I had my eyelids done by Dr. Stout last year.

Dr. Stout is the guy you want for this procedure. He is a perfectionist and his work shows his incredible surgical skills.

Fast forward a few months after my surgery and there was a tiny area on one eye that I thought needed a bit of tweaking. I made an appointment with Dr. Stout and he agreed as he is the perfectionist I mentioned above.

I was scheduled for the quick fix and I was charged zero for this correction. As expected, everything was perfect.

Dr. Stout is not only a great surgeon, he is a terrific guy and very personable and easy to talk to.

His staff Annette, Chantelle and his operating nurse are all top notch.

You are in good hands!

Karen P., Patient

When I told my optometrist I was considering a lid lift he recommended Dr. Stout. Dr. Stout’s background in ophthalmology was important to me because trusting someone with a laser and your eyes is pretty nerve-wracking.

I also wanted a specialist, so the fact that he’s entirely focused on oculofacial surgery (e.g. not doing eye lifts in between breast augmentations, liposuction, etc.) was a big plus for me. Before my first appt. I did a fair amount of research so I knew going in that he has exceptional credentials and many happy patients.

I met with Dr. Stout in June. He listens carefully and has a way of making you feel like you are his most important patient. He didn’t push me to do additional procedures. (In fact, he told me I didn’t need under eye or brow work, even though I brought it up.)

I had my upper lid lift in July. Two months out, I’m thrilled with the results. No more eyeliner smudged all over my lids because of saggy skin. I’m getting a lot of compliments along the lines of ‘you look great’ (as opposed to ‘wow, your eyes!’ which is kind of the point). I feel like I look refreshed and maybe a bit younger, but in a subtle, natural way.

I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Stout. He is truly an artist. Clearly from my review, I recommend him without hesitation.

Julie E. Patient

Great doctor. I had a terrific result for lid and lower bags. Natural appearance with minimal recovery time. Front office great with follow up, the best. His anesthesiologist was on top of the situation. I have referred several colleagues to Dr. Stout with great feedback.

Rick S. Patient

Dr. Stout and his team are amazing. From the beginning the administrative staff was welcoming and so easy to work with. Always available and accommodating. Then there is the charming Dr. Stout. He has such a disarming manner. He listens to what you want then makes suggestions. Glad I listened. Dr. Stout is a true artist and is focused on precision. The best part was that there was NO PAIN. Providing the instructions given are followed to the letter The heal time quoted was spot on. After a week had the stitches removed and jumped on a plane right after the appointment. I am most grateful that the work done gave me a “have you been on vacation ” look. The change is not exaggerated or obvious and only confirmed in the before and after photo. I plan on seeing Dr. Stout and his staff regularly as things start heading south.

Margot S. Patient

About 6 months ago, Dr. Stout did my upper and lower lids, including the ptosis muscle. They look completely natural and have given my face a more youthful appearance.

However, the true test of “looking natural” came from a dear friend of mine. For whatever reason, she detests it when women have their eyes done. On several occasions, she has made comments about how “almond eyes” and unnatural women look when they have their eyes done. I chose not to tell her about my eye surgery and since she lives about 3 hours away, she had no idea.

Three months after my surgery she came to visit and stay with me for several days. She mentioned a few times how youthful and pretty I looked. When I told her, I had eye surgery, she was astounded that she couldn’t tell. She even got her phone flashlight and “inspected” my eyes – it was quite funny.

You will look completely natural, well rested and more youthful. As Dr. Stout said to me, “His work goes unnoticed.

Linda M., Patient

I can confidently state that Dr. Warren Stout is the best eye surgeon around. He made me look relaxed and younger. He was engaging and listened to your concerns, made sure they were addressed and even exceeded my expectation. He has a way of making the process fun and comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Warren Stout. Don’t waste your time and money, it’s your face, there’s no room for mistakes. The best thing you could do is at least book a consultation
M L., Patient
i can not say how satisfied and thank enough for the service i have received from Dr. Warren and his staffs in the office. as a matter of fact, all of my other 4 closed girlfriends have received their beautiful result 6-7 years ago with Dr warren thru my referral and each of them are completely satisfied, they all gained so much confidence and look great after the upper or under eye work, and i am the last one in the group did this just 3 months ago. i am so completely satisfied, my tired eyelids are lifted and got bright eyes after , Dr Warren is such a gentle, patience and knowledgeable especially experience cosmetic eye surgeon, he patiently answered to my repeatedly questions and concerns thru out the process prior and after, i just again can not say thank you enough to Dr. Warren, and his 2 beautiful professional staff Annette and Chantel , they are the best team work player together. Thank you Dr. Stout !
Amber A., Patient
My Beverly Hills facialist told me about Dr. Stout many years ago. He was the “secret” doctor that people were and are going to. I’ve been seeing Dr. Stout and his team for years and I just had my upper and lower lids done. The results are beyond my expectations. If you want to look natural this is the place to go. He also worked on a friend of mine and her results were amazing as well. I can go anywhere to get this done, Beverly Hills, NYC, etc…but Dr. Stout’s work and expertise is unmatched.
His staff is pretty great too….

Tina M., Patient

Thank you Dr. Stout! I look so well rested and my eyes look so natural no one realizes I even had eyelid surgery. You and your staff were so professional at all times. My entire experience from consultation to healing (which was amazingly short and pain free) was beyond my expectations. I interviewed a number of doctors before I decided to go with Dr. Stout and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone considering eyelid surgery.

Susan D., Patient

To Dr. Stout,

Well beyond my expectations!

I wanted to personally thank you for the exceptional results from my eyelid surgery. I had been postponing it for a few years but became tired of pushing up my droopy eyelids to read. My wife recommended that I consult with you and my fears were alleviated. Your explanation of how the surgery would be performed what to expect in the following weeks was extremely comforting. To my amazement, the surgical incisions were completely hidden in my eyelid crease.
Your entire staff was warm and professional. All follow up questions were answered in detail by your Surgical Coordinator. The only drawback is I am having a hard time getting my senior citizens discount, so I need to have my driver’s license to prove my age.
Ray F., Patient

I have to agree with all the other positive reviews on Dr. Stout. He is really amazing!

I went to Dr. Stout for a condition on my eyelids, plus I was ready for an eye lift. He removed the fat deposits on my eyelids and then did the most beautiful upper and lower lid eye lift. I look 20 years younger and you would never know I had surgery.

He is a skillful surgeon, a perfectionist and an artist, which is a wonderful combination when you are having surgery on any part of your face. Also, Dr. Stout makes takes time to talk to you about your needs and is incredibly attentive. You never feel rushed or like he has something else to do or somewhere else to be.

I feel really lucky to have found him, having searched and interviewed quite a few different eye surgeons from Beverly Hills to Pasadena. He’s as a good as it gets.

I highly recommend him.

Rozalynn W., Patient

I had my eyelids done by Dr. Stout and I am thrilled with the results!

My dermatologist recommended him as the go-to guy when I said I wanted to get rid of my droopy lids and under-eye bags but did not want to look like those women who have had their lids pulled so tight that they look permanently surprised. From my first appointment and through every step of the process, Dr. Stout and his staff were caring and professional. Dr. Stout took the time to answer all my questions and understand my individual needs. Since he specializes in eyes, he knows exactly how to tailor the surgery to make you look natural and return your eyes to the way they looked before they started drooping.

Shortly after the surgery I started getting many compliments and people commented on how much my daughter and I look alike, which is a huge compliment indeed. If you are looking for beautiful, natural results, a doctor with a great bedside manner, and an attentive staff, I highly recommend Dr. Stout.

W.L., Patient

Dr Stout was recommended to me by my eye doctor and I am so glad that she gave me his name. Before the procedure, he explained everything and he answered every question I had for him. He is extremely professional and very good at what he does. I have never encountered a doctor who has better “bedside
manners”!!! Dr. Stout’s staff is fantastic. Chantal and Annette were wonderful.I highly recommend Dr Stout for under eye and upper lid surgery.

Gene G., Patient

Having worked in the medical field in Pasadena for 13 years, I’m lucky to have good information on our local physicians. Without question, Dr. Stout’s artistic approach raises the bar for natural looking cosmetic enhancements. He is also a wonderful human being. Not surprisingly, I refer my own family to Dr. Stout’s care. Following her eye surgery, my wife commented that she was surprised how much she enjoyed he entire overall experienced and especially Dr. Stout’s easy going and relaxed personality. Moreover, there is no skin stretching or any unnatural appearance that would give away her surgery, and we are totally blown away by the “natural, refreshed, and well rested” looking results.
S H., Patient