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Asian Female Blepharoplasty


Asian and Western eyelids naturally differ in appearance because the anatomy or structure of their eyelids are different.

Asian blepharoplasty, also known as Asian eyelid surgery, is sometimes called a Westernization of Asian eyelids. However, that would be an inappropriate surgery and provide a very unnatural looking eyelid that would look out of place on an Asian face. Patients want a noticeable, yet natural, improvement in their overall appearance without attracting attention to the actual eyelid surgery.

Because Asian anatomy is so distinctly different than others, it is vital that the doctor has expertise and experience in all the specific procedures unique to them. Ideally the goal is to create attractive Asian eyelids that blend seamlessly with the other facial features. Dr. Stout is highly experienced in addressing the age nuanced requirements of his Asian patients, artistically creating beautiful double eyelids to enhance the size of the eyes for his younger patients, and restoring a more youthful, refreshed appearance for his older patients.


Dr. Stout is an American trained Oculofacial plastic surgeon. While he has the best training in the world, many Asian patients might ask, how skilled is he at Asian anatomy and surgery?

Dr. Stout has practiced for over 30 years in the heart of one of the largest Asian communities in the United States. He has had several thousands of happy patients from around Los Angeles, including San Marino, Arcadia, Pasadena, Rowland Heights, Monterey Park, and the rest of California. People come from around the world because of his experience and artistic skills. He has patients coming from South Korea, China, Japan, Taipei, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

Dr. Stout has also traveled as a teaching professor in Seoul (considered as the plastic surgery capital of the world), Beijing, and Bangkok. He combines his 30 years of experience in Asian cosmetic surgery with meticulous technique and American laser technology to provide exceptional results. He understands not just anatomy and procedures but more importantly, the difference in ideas of beauty between different Asian ethnicities and cultures.


Double Eyelid Procedure: There are dozens of variations for cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery. One of the most commonly requested one is the Double Eyelid procedure. The upper eyelid crease is said to divide the lid into two sections, hence the name “Double Eyelid.” About half of Asian eyelids do not have a well defined upper eyelid crease. Commonly, it is felt that a single eyelid is not as desirable as the double eyelid. The creation of an eyelid crease to make a double eyelid is the one of most common Asian eyelid procedures performed.

Asian eyelid creases are different in shape and position than Western creases. There are a variety of Asian eyelid creases and the ideal one is based upon the patient’s gender and facial characteristics. Female creases are typically higher than males and shaped differently to provide a more feminine look, while men’s creases are typically lower.

There is more than one category of surgical approaches for the Double Eyelid procedure. Which technique will be used is decided by the patient and Dr. Stout together during the consultation based upon the patient’s goals, gender, and anatomy. The incisional techniques are typically very long lasting but require a larger incision, while the suture techniques are less invasive but typically do not last as long. There are also some in between procedures that provide some of the benefits of both. As always, Dr. Stout will perform the procedure with meticulous attention to detail to provide a very natural result.

Epicanthoplasty Procedure: Another commonly requested cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery is the Epicanthoplasty procedure. The epicanthal fold (circled in red in the image below) is an Asian characteristic fold of skin that varies in size and shape and covers the inner corner of the eye. The epicanthal fold causes the eyes to look smaller and narrower.

Epicanthal Fold Location Diagram

Epicanthoplasty, also known as medial canthoplasty, is a procedure that reshapes the eye’s inner corner, or medial canthus. It opens the inside corner of the eyelid to enlarge the appearance of the eyes. By reducing the fold, more of the eye is uncovered resulting in wider, larger eyes. While each Asian patient’s fold may be different, with some being more pronounced than others, Dr. Stout artistically sculpts the tissue to give a natural, more attractive appearance. Dr. Stout carefully performs the procedure making sure not to change the overall Asian characteristic of the eyes.


Dr. Stout’s goal during the consultation is to provide the patient with information and teach them as much as possible. He begins by listening and will ask the patient what they would like to discuss and what their goals are. The patient’s input is very important. This allows Dr. Stout to work together with the patient through the decision-making process and establish a plan based upon their goals. He believes that knowledge is empowering as it enables his patients to make decisions with confidence and makes them a better partner in the entire process.

Dr. Stout is happy to have the patient bring a family member or friend to the consultation to ask questions and listen. He encourages patients to bring up any concerns that they may have. His consultations are designed to understand each patient’s situation, teach them and give them honest advice so they leave with useful knowledge with which to consider their options.

If you are considering this procedure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stout.

Before Asian Female Blepharoplasty
After Asian Female Blepharoplasty



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