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Canthoplasty (Eye Enlargement/Reshaping)


Canthoplasty refers to any surgical adjustment of the corner of the eye. It nearly always refers to surgery on the lateral or outer canthus. Surgery on the inner corner of the eye is generally called epicanthoplasty. A lateral canthoplasty can be done to open the outer corner of the eyelids giving a larger appearance to the eyes. Canthoplasty as well as epicanthoplasty, are both procedures commonly requested by the younger Asian demographic who often desire bigger, captivating eyes. It can also be performed to alter the angle of the eye creating a more almond shape. Of course, eyes of any shape can be beautiful. Almond-shaped eyes are often chosen by patients who require cosmetic surgery to correct extremely rounded outer corners or have drooping lower eyelids from inherited or post-surgical reasons.

Patients who seek the procedure vary. Most commonly, patients wish to have larger appearing eyes. Some wish to change the shape of their eyes. Others wish to address eyelids that sag or function poorly due to age, genetic factors, or effects of previous surgeries. Even when sagging does not effect eyelid function, it may impact a patient’s appearance by presenting a fatigued or unhappy appearance to others.


Dr. Stout’s goal during the consultation is to provide the patient with information and teach them as much as possible. He begins by listening and will ask the patient what they would like to discuss and what their goals are. The patient’s input is very important. This allows Dr. Stout to work together with the patient through the decision-making process and establish a plan based upon their goals. He believes that knowledge is empowering as it enables his patients to make decisions with confidence and makes them a better partner in the entire process.

Dr. Stout is happy to have the patient bring a family member or friend to the consultation to ask questions and listen. He encourages patients to bring up any concerns that they may have. His consultations are designed to understand each patient’s situation, teach them and give them honest advice so they leave with useful knowledge with which to consider their options.

If you are considering this procedure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stout.

Before Canthoplasty Procedure Patient Photograph
After Canthoplasty Procedure Patient Photograph



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