Surgery Overview & Recovery

Cosmetic Laser Eyelid Surgery allows for greater precision as well as a quicker recovery than with older surgical techniques.

Cosmetic laser eyelid surgery is a long-lasting procedure to correct the appearance of droopy eyelids and under eye bags. Dr. Stout is renowned for restoring eyes to their former youthful state and creating a natural, refreshed appearance for his patients, both women and men.

Dr. Stout specializes in laser eyelid surgery, which is performed by making an incision with a laser beam as opposed to a traditional scalpel. This technique has several advantages.

  • The laser automatically seals the blood vessels, so the patient experiences less bleeding and the surgeon can more easily monitor the progress of the surgery.
  • This precise method of forming the incision creates less trauma to the eye area, paving the way for less bruising, scarring, and discoloration following the surgery, as well as a quicker recovery.

On the day of your procedure, expect to spend approximately two hours at our surgery center.

  • You will be given sedation and your eyelids will be anesthetized, ensuring that you are at ease throughout the entire procedure.
  • When performing laser eyelid surgery, Dr. Stout does not use general anesthesia. Rather, he uses local anesthesia with an intravenous sedation, placing patients in a twilight sleep. Patients are given just enough anesthesia to be comfortable and have a pleasant experience, but are not overly sedated.
  • During all blepharoplasty procedures, an anesthesiologist certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology administers sedation and monitors the patient carefully.

Laser eyelid surgery causes significantly less bruising than older procedures.

While everyone heals at different rates, most patients experience some bruising and swelling, which begin to subside during the first week of recovery. Swelling is usually 50% resolved within a week and the majority of bruising is usually resolved a week to two weeks after surgery. Keeping the head elevated and using cold compresses helps alleviate these symptoms.

Some patients may experience eye dryness, burning, itching, or tearing. These are normal reactions and can be alleviated with eye lubricant drops.

The recovery following laser blepharoplasty typically involves little or no pain.

In many cases, patients do not even need to take Tylenol as they recover from the procedure. While it’s recommended that patients take one week off from work, many patients return to work a few days after undergoing the procedure.

Following blepharoplasty, most patients will be able to resume all their normal activities within a few weeks. The majority of patients can resume walking and other light activity one week after surgery and may return to vigorous exercise in approximately two weeks.