Revision Surgery

As one of the few fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the country, Dr. Stout has the skills and experience necessary to correct the mistakes and poor technique of other surgeons.

Many patients come to Dr. Stout because they feel their past surgery left them with a “surgical” or overdone appearance and find they are unsatisfied with the finished look. Everyone has seen photos on TV or in magazines of celebrities who have had too much or poorly done cosmetic surgery, leaving them with a “deer-in the headlights” look.

Dr. Stout is especially adept at rejuvenating the eyes while protecting their delicate structures. Not only does he have strong credentials for revision surgery, he also has a reputation for delivering results that are both subtle and natural.

Dr. Stout’s skills for revision plastic surgery also extend to reconstructive surgery. In addition to other procedures he often performs reconstructive surgery to correct tumors, congenital problems, and trauma.

As an Oculofacial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Stout is sensitive to the way that scar tissue heals and is particularly knowledgeable about how to hide scars inside the eye. Many other physicians send their patients to Dr. Stout after a surgery so that he can delicately reconstruct the facial region to restore it to its original appearance.