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“I have to agree with all the other positive reviews on Dr. Stout. He is really amazing!I went to Dr. Stout for a condition on my eyelids, plus I was ready for an eye lift. He removed the fat deposits on my eyelids and then did the most beautiful upper and lower lid eye lift. I look 20 years younger and you would never know I had surgery.

He is a skillful surgeon, a perfectionist and an artist, which is a wonderful combination when you are having surgery on any part of your face. Also, Dr. Stout makes takes time to talk to you about your needs and is incredibly attentive. You never feel rushed or like he has something else to do or somewhere else to be.

I feel really lucky to have found him, having searched and interviewed quite a few different eye surgeons from Beverly Hills to Pasadena. He’s as a good as it gets.

I highly recommend him.”

Rozalynn W. Pasadena, CA 12/19/13
“I had my eyelids done by Dr. Stout and I am thrilled with the results!My dermatologist recommended him as the go-to guy when I said I wanted to get rid of my droopy lids and under-eye bags but did not want to look like those women who have had their lids pulled so tight that they look permanently surprised. From my first appointment and through every step of the process, Dr. Stout and his staff were caring and professional. Dr. Stout took the time to answer all my questions and understand my individual needs. Since he specializes in eyes, he knows exactly how to tailor the surgery to make you look natural and return your eyes to the way they looked before they started drooping.

Shortly after the surgery I started getting many compliments and people commented on how much my daughter and I look alike, which is a huge compliment indeed. If you are looking for beautiful, natural results, a doctor with a great bedside manner, and an attentive staff, I highly recommend Dr. Stout.”

W.L. Glendale, CA 3/30/13
“To Dr. Stout,Well beyond my expectations!

I wanted to personally thank you for the exceptional results from my eyelid surgery. I had been postponing it for a few years but became tired of pushing up my droopy eyelids to read. My wife recommended that I consult with you and my fears were alleviated. Your explanation of how the surgery would be performed what to expect in the following weeks was extremely comforting. To my amazement, the surgical incisions were completely hidden in my eyelid crease.

Your entire staff was warm and professional. All follow up questions were answered in detail by your Surgical Coordinator. The only drawback is I am having a hard time getting my senior citizens discount, so I need to have my driver’s license to prove my age.

Warmest Regards,”

Ray F. Chino Hills, CA 1/13/14
“I have known Dr Stout for several years ,and can say without question that he is a very professional and competent Dr. Over the years I have gone to him for procedures such as eyelid surgery,botox injections ,and some facial skin procedures,all with amazing results. I have also recommended him to friends and family all of whom had nothing but great things to say about their results.The office staff are very friendly and professional,I think the best part of the experience is that the office environment and Dr Stout make you feel safe and comfortable with great results.”
Daniel S. Covina, CA 6/23/14
“As soon as you walk into Dr. Stout’s office you are greeted by a warm and friendly staff. Dr. Stout takes a personal interest in the well being of his patients. He is generous with his time and encourages questions. He never rushes you and you leave the office with a feeling of gratitude and joy. He’s the only doctor I look forward to seeing. The world would be a better place with more doctors like Dr. Stout!”
Marilyn P. San Marino, CA 5/24/15
“I went in for surgery with Dr. Stout approximately a year ago, and couldn’t be happier. The results are still great! and the care after the surgery was fantastic! I got calls at home making sure i was taking care of myself, and these were calls in the late afternoon when the office was closed, it was Dr. Stout’s staff calling from home making sure i was okay and following proper care. It was money well spent, and the procedure went smooth, from the anesthesiologist, to Dr. Stout ands entire staff. I would highly recommend this Dr. to anybody seeking cosmetic surgery in the eye region (lower bags) to be exact.”
Eric S. Rowland Heights, CA 6/23/15
“After deciding to have eyelid rejuvenation/refresh surgery, I decided to go to Dr. Stout for a consultation. My wife’s good friend had had her eyes done by him and was thrilled with the results. He was extremely patient, answered all questions and was very polite. He never tried to sell me on the procedure other than to answer all my questions patiently, after which I left. I went home, did more research and after seeing all the happy customer reviews of their outcomes with Dr. Stout, I scheduled my surgery.I have to say I am thrilled with the result. Dr Stout took 15-20 years off of my eyes. I had slightly drooping eyelids and the typical middle age excess folds of skin above both eyes and he corrected all of this. My eyes are even, and have that just right youthfully alert look, but not too much (aka the “Suprised look” that can happen with bad eye jobs etc.) It is approximately 1.5 months since my surgery and I get a lot of “hey you look good”, but people can’t quite put their fingers on why…which is exactly what you want. Subtle, but VERY effective. Gone are the days of, “you look tired” etc etc.

If you are looking to have this type of surgery, do not hesitate to see Dr. Stout.”

Frank B. Monrovia, CA 7/29/16