Asian Blepharoplasty

Asian double eyelid surgery is the most requested surgical procedure among Asian populations in both Asia and America.

About half of people of Asian heritage have a low but defined upper eyelid crease. The crease divides the upper eyelid into two areas, hence the name “double eyelid”, giving it a more attractive shape. The other half of people of Asian heritage have a “single eyelid,” meaning no crease, or a vaguely defined one.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty



The majority of those interested in double eyelid surgery and who contact Dr. Stout are in their 30′s or younger and a growing number of them are men.

It’s important that your goals for double eyelid surgery remain realistic, as the results of the surgery depend on your innate anatomical characteristics. In most cases, the most natural-looking crease is low (three to four millimeters above the lashes) and is tapered toward the epicanthal fold (the crescent of tissue overlapping the inner corner of the eyelid). Some women request a slightly higher crease to aid in the application of makeup.

Before surgery, you and Dr. Stout will discuss your options for the style and height of the eyelid crease to determine what best suits your features. The procedure will involve forming a natural-looking crease that, in most cases, gracefully tapers toward the nose. This procedure makes the eyes appear bigger and more open, and can simplify the application of makeup.

During your consultation, Dr. Stout will recommend the shape and position of your new eyelid crease based on what will look the most natural given your facial features.